Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Shopping Linky Party

Linking up with the Summer Shopping Linky Party at Ladybug's Teacher Files.
Because like the rest of you, I have been SHOPPING!!!  I LOVE TEACHER/SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!
Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Sam's, JoAnn's, & our local teacher store, Jacque's -- I hit them all this week!  I also made some awesome purchases on Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teacher, but I'll save those for another post. (Teaser:  expect to see lots of organizational binder from Sam's)

Ladybug's teacher files

I do not have pics for it all, because you would be laughing at me far too hard, but here is a small sampling of what is sitting around the house.  Much is already in the classroom (like my square cubes from Target that will be at my small group table, and my new fabric from JoAnn's for my bulletin boards).  Those pics will have to wait until I get my classroom more in order and closer to "ready." 

CUTE glitter notebooks $1.17 at Hobby Lobby - Clearance isle!
Who knew I would finally find my purple Posti-it notes I've been looking for at Big Lots? lol
I cannot turn down a $1 GIRAFFE book cover!!!  I LOVE GIRAFFES!
You can never have too many alphabet stickers in my opinion ;) (Target $1 isle)
AND...of course the adorable new ice cube trays also from Target's $1 isle!

Look at all of these cool treasures!!  Some will most certainly appear in future blog posts -- so many, many things to do.  For sure I will let you know when I get those baskets set up for my Daily 5 materials (see the 5 colors?).  Those and the cute tropical flower stir sticks are from the Dollar Tree -- AAAHHH -- can you say "PERFECT!"??  

Clearly, I have much to do, so...until tomorrow (when I reveal my amazing shopping trip to Half-Price Books) -- night, night and Happy Shopping!

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  1. I also have the ice cube trays (they're awesome) I use them in my class with tweezers and small items for my kiddo's who have poor fine motor.