Sunday, July 29, 2012

Projects, Projects, Projects

There is a project or two going in almost every room in my house (NO, not the bathrooms, sillies...) I have tons of lamination that my daughter has cut out and a bag full she made me promise to save for her in the family room, Boggle Board letters for cutting and bulletin board letters to "punch out" in the living room, spray painted library sticks drying on the back patio, Writing tri-fold board in the master bedroom, Binder, Binders, and more Binders in the dining room, my "teacher toolbox" on the floor in the breakfast nook, cardstock all over, and list goes on and on and...

If I don't have something finished for "Monday Made It" tomorrow, come and find me, because I'm buried under a project somewhere!!!

On a serious note, I do have to go to a 4-day Reading K-2 training this Monday - Thursday.  Reality is hitting me between the eyes right about now... I have PROJECTS to get done - lol 

And yes, I SHOULD be cleaning my mess of a house...

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Oh me too! I have so many projects started that need finishing-crate seats, bandana pillows, book sorting, and a ton of TPT things to print and make-oh my! We will get it done and of course the house will get cleaned (sometime :)
    Happy New Year