Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Room, New Grade Level ~ Need Your Help

Good morning,

I have made a concerted effort to stay away from school during the month of July.  Of course I have spent many hours on Pinterest, at Target, and at home planning, shopping, collecting, PRINTING (I have spent an undisclosed amount on printer ink :/), thinking, and creating, but NO SCHOOL ~ only the "fun stuff"!  I needed a break after such a challenging school year and the loss of our precious Daddy.

However, I just returned from a family reunion in West Texas, and although it is still July, I am ITCHING to get into my classroom.  I am not only changing rooms, but am making a change from 4th (after 7 years) to 2nd grade.  I am extremely excited for the new challenge, but I would love some advice from you expert teacher bloggers out there!

Basically, I have a mess of a junked up room right now.  It is not as large as many I see out there, and it has NO CORNERS to work with.  I will of course have a library, but I had just redone it by level for my 4th graders last year...  
What I need to know from you is:

What are the HAVE TO HAVES as far as bulletin boards? 
Do you think I should organize my library by level or by genre?
What advice to you have about seating for 2nd graders?

I'll just show you the space and the JUNK and you just let the advice flow =)

As you walk into the room, this is what you see (Back section = computer area)
Turn slightly to the left and this is a view of the back (sink in back corner).
Shot of side windowed wall - I need new curtains, but can't sew - HELP!
The back wall - class library will go there - thinking about some low bookcases?
Other side wall - 2 doors...one to hall, one to "2nd grade team pod" and those hooks take up the WHOLE WALL!!
Looking toward the front wall from the back
As you can see, we have tables instead of desks (hate it :/), and we have cubbies that can be moved.  I use primary colors (heavy on the red and blue).  I will have a "Superstar" theme.  Give me all the ideas and advice you can muster.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. LOVE this blank slate! Great, bright windows. I love your computer area....but if I could, I would turn it into a very cozy classroom library. Sometimes it's not possible to move computers though...

  2. Walmart has some really cheap curtains, that is what I purchased to hide my cubbies in my room and for my one and only window. I also see that you have a star theme and so do I. Hope you will take a peek into my classroom at http://ericashep.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-peek-into-my-classroom.html