Friday, July 27, 2012

My Alphabet Line is up!

I think it doesn't feel like a classroom until the alphabet is posted.  I know I'm not totally crazy, because my friend said, "I know!  That's always how I feel!"

Well...I posted my alphabet in my new 2nd grade classroom today!! YIPPEE!!  I purchased these at Teacher's Notebook from one of my FAVES:  Ladybug's Teacher Files :)  I cut them out, used my circle cutter to cut perfect circles from brightly colored paper, had my daughter and her roommate glue these on the circles, laminated them, and stuck them up with my favorite blue painter's tape! 

You can purchase your copy here for the low price of only $3.00!! 

**Note:  pics to come later, when there has been a bit more progress :)

It excited me so much, I could have stayed and worked until late into the night, but...I had my son with me, and I promised him after the 4 hours he'd toted stuff around the school for me, we would go home if I could just get my alphabet up.  He was patient, and oh so helpful today, so I had to leave.  Then we went to Sonic to "reward" ourselves.  I am so lucky to have a son who will help me with very, very little grumbling of any kind.  He has a servant's heart for sure!

There is still soooo much work to be done, but I feel I have at least started.  I don't see students for a month, though I have training and 7 days of staff development before then.  I want to start the school year feeling good about the space the students will learn in.  We all spend so much time there, I feel it deserves some time and effort (and yes, $$$) to make it a good learning environment, with a comfortable, yet fun feel (no pressure...).

Do you have your alphabet up??? 

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  1. Thanks Beth, this is so sweet of you!! I always feel a huge sense of relief when my alphabet is up. When my sister and I went into the room for the first time, I made a beeline for the front of the room to hang it up first! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your room in the future! :) :)