Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made-It (not actually made on a Monday...)

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for another "Monday Made It" - even though all of these projects were made Friday before last with my daughter and her roommate.  They were over "helping,"  It was TONS of fun!  Here is the messy "during" picture:

We didn't get nearly everything done I planned, but here's the AWESOME "after" pic: =D

I am certain I do NOT need to even talk about the crayon art - it's everywhere, and we had a TON of fun creating the 3 you see here, plus two more not shown! WARNING - THIS CRAFT IS ADDICTIVE!

For our next project, here's a little inspiration from Peace, Love, and Learning:

Here are my materials (scrapbook papers and foam clocks from Target $1 Spot and "stick-on letters" from Hobby Lobby):
 My finished product (Sorry about the glare...) ~ LOVE IT:

Our next project, was inspired by Miss Knight's Khronicles.
Brain Feelers Reading Comprehension Question Sticks!!
And here are mine that my sweet daughter made (There were so many we used 2 cans, which means they can be used by 2 small groups!):
Isn't she the BEST to help her momma,with a smile on her face)!
TaDa!  Those little "feelers" make me happy! =)
Next up, inspired by cincy nanny, (If you can get over the fact that they are slightly creepy looking...) I think they're adorable and they're worth a try.  I'll try just about anything to keep those kiddos' eyes on the text! are MINE (How 'bout that Duck tape on my can?):

We also made these, so my kiddos are not going to EVER have the chance not to know what to write about - lol - YEA!

And some like these found at First Grade Fresh - YEA!
Finally, I have REALLY been wanting to make class journals modeled after the ones all over Pinterest like these at Delightful Daily 5 Cafe

FINALLY ~ Here are mine:
Again, my 2nd graders will ALWAYS have somewhere to turn when they are not sure what to write.  I am really hoping these are well-used.  I plan to occasionally ASSIGN them to write in one of these during "Work on Writing" ~ a few times during the year, maybe once per 6 week period.  I used fonts and some of the clip art from DJ Inkers and clip art from Thistle Girl Designs.

Well, you can see we were a busy three-some and we had so much fun!  I hope some of these inspire you to spend work alone or spend some time with a daughter, niece, friend or whoever.  We might as well have some fun while we create all of these "Masterpieces." Happy "Making"!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Great job on everything! :)

  2. You have been one busy lady, but it paid off, because everything looks fabulous!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Love your journals! Your brightly colored and fun labels gave me the push to make my own!

  4. I love your crayon art picture with the green crayons and flowers. I've never seen that variation before.

    I love your journals too. It looks like you have been very busy this week!

    Fourth Grade Garden