Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School Tomorrow - Anxious and Excited!

So, the room is as ready as it is going to get!  Welcome 2nd graders!

Mrs. Cade's Superstars will enter through the VIP entrance!
Lesson Plans, laptop (with ghetto projector/sound set-up), new document cam, new student chairs, and clipboard -- Check!
Cute "Pinterest-Inspired" Clock display finally up, number line and calendar up  -- Check! 
Word Wall Ready, Library mostly ready, Safe Place ready, tables divided with work folders and caddies - Check!
Curtains hung, "Mrs. Cade Loves..." up, supply boxes ready for supplies, a somewhat-clear teacher/student area - Check!
Attendance/Lunch board ready, alphabet (and sign language alphabet) and pledges displayed - Check!
Super AWESOME Writing Center - CHECK!!
The view when the students walk in...I hope they love being here this year!
Welcome Back to School 2012-2013 everyone.  I will not lie - after 7 years of teaching 4th grade with the last 3 being departmentalized and only teaching LA, 2nd grade self-contained seems a bit scary.  I know we will have fun, and I will learn at least as much as my students do!  I pray you enjoy your new students and they are able to learn and have fun in all of the beautiful environments you have lovingly created for them.  Thank you for sharing the summer with me and inspiring me in more ways than I can say!

Going to bed RIGHT NOW to get a good night's sleep before the 1st day of school -- CHECK! =)

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