Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Classroom '12-'13 is Coming Together

Many thanks to my sister, brother-in-law, niece, son, husband and daughter, for helping get my classroom moved and set up!  Setting up a classroom is a HUGE undertaking that most people outside the elementary education world do not have a grasp on.  Many hours are devoted to creating positive learning environments where children will want to come and learn.  Like many others, I find setting up my classroom fun in some ways, but I will not deny it is a LOT of work.  I am blessed to have help!

Though I am repeating pics from my previous blog, I will remind you of a few BEFORE pics:

Though I said I was reminding you, it is even more cool to remind myself what a ton of work has been accomplished!! :)

Lots of Pinterest projects are complete and have made it to school; however, the organizing of my "teacher area" (no desk in the room this year), continuing to organize my classroom library, my "files," and centers will be taken care of in the coming weeks before students arrive.

Thank you to ALL those out in Blogland/Pinterestland for all of your inspiration and your sharing attitudes!!  I know many of you can spot your ideas/work in my classroom -- much alike an "I Spy" game - ;)  I am looking forward to my first year teaching 2nd grade!  Here is the classroom so far...

Come on in to Mrs. Cade's 2nd Grade Classroom
My sweet husband and sister helping put up fabric - THANKS!
My brother-in-law putting up my ROCK STAR Word Wall (I thought I was a perfectionist - lol)
My niece, Bailey, in the "Safe Place" BEFORE...
My daughter, Kelsi, in a more comfy Safe Place (NO, her legs and feet are NOT that big - bad camera angle ;)

There is ALWAYS lamination to be cut before school starts...God loves a cheerful worker!!
The beginnings of a fun Writing Center!!! "Work on Writing" and "Word Work" will happen here.
YEA! for BRIGHT colors and cheerful workers!!!
Check out my AWESOME chart stand my hubby made me!! =)
Still work to be done on my classroom library, but it has come a LONG way.
 Thanks to my son, Kyle, for building my bookshelves!!

I almost didn't post this one because there is still so much to be done here, but then I saw the "before" shot - lol
They MADE me get in a pic - check out my new alphabet! LOVE IT :)
"How We Go Home," Some "Goodbye sayings," "Helper Chart," and the beginnings of "Listen to Reading"


  1. It's looking fabulous! Tremendous job! - Victoria :) (

  2. Wow!!! I loved your blog! So proud to have such a creative and passionate sister! She's an AWESOME teacher! It was so fun to see your vision come to life! Your going to have an incredible year! Such lucky children to have you teach them each day this upcoming year! Love you so very much sweet Sissy! ;)

    1. You are too, too sweet, Jasper!! Thank you for all the help!! =)