Monday, August 6, 2012

Writing Prompts Don't Have to be Boring ;)

I "pinned" this cute little image onto my "Writing" board about a year ago:
(original pin from:  Home Spun Threads)

The caption was:  "I'm actually thinking this is a cute Writing Prompt: 'Imagine the world of...'"
So, of course I set out to eat my weight in Altoids, but um, that was clearly going to take too long -- There are a LOT of mints in those little boxes - lol. 

Lucky me ~ I found these cute little containers in the CLEARANCE isle at Michael's:
Only $0.97 !!!

Then I found some cute tiny characters at "Tuesday Morning" and had my husband dig out the PlayMobile toys from the attic.  Right about now is when I'd like you to forget the part where I said I bought all of this a year ago, because TODAY I finally made the CUTEST new Fiction Writing Prompt Cans!!! =)  Can you tell I'm excited?  I can't even wait until Monday Made It for 15 more minutes =D

Told you they were cute :)
The one on the far right is PlayMobile and here is another one with PlayMobile characters:
Here is a close-up of the prompt label I made for the inside of the can:

I basically hot glued the little characters down, made a label for the lid, and voila!  Now I am certain some of you are thinking, "These look pretty plain..."  The truth is, I originally wanted to add "scenery."  I thought that would be fun (for ME).  I realized today that by adding any scenery I was locking my students into a certain setting and may even be leading their characters and plot.  I want them to use THEIR imaginations, not mine!  Hence the label.  

I am quite sure these little Writing Prompt Cans can inspire all types of fancy shmancy, super cute writing containers out there.  I am excited to open one up and have students help me write a story, as I "think aloud" and "model" a fiction story.  I will talk through the prompt in the can.  We will talk about the elements of a story.  We will come up with characters, a setting, and a fun plot for the characters.  That is the KEY to teaching writing ~ MODEL, MODEL, MODEL ~ use mentor texts, and let those kiddos hear your thinking, how you plan your writing, how you sometimes make mistakes.  They will trust you and become more confident in writing if you begin with something fun and you're all in it together.  In my experience, if you create that SAFE writing environment, they will write.

Happy Monday, Happy Creating, HAPPY WRITING!


  1. I cannot express to you how much I love these! What a fun way to encourage students to write! Defiantly going to make some myself!

    1. Yea! That is exciting to hear!
      I can't wait to see yours! =)