Friday, August 3, 2012

Half Price Books, Oh How I Love Thee!

There are a few things I am truly obsessed with in life besides food (different blog probably needed for my obsession with food):  School Supplies & BooksClearly my budget takes a huge hit this time of year in both of these categories -- I can't seem to get enough of either!!  I justify this by saying things like, "If you have to be obsessed about something, these are not bad things!"  Sound familiar to anyone?

To help my budget in a big way, I frequent Half Price Books.

If you have a Half Price Books near you and have not visited it, I urge you to make it a stop in your weekend (might want to budget a bit of browsing time ;) .  Tip:  They also have one of those "Clearance" isles where sometimes you find not much and sometimes you hit the JACKPOT!!

So...let's say you have a $100 budget (generous, I know, but I am changing grade levels and I thankfully have a husband who understands) and you want to buy some books.  There are lots of places you may go to get some good deals.  I'm not telling you not to go to your favorite places, because I love Amazon and Barnes and Nobles as much as the rest of you.  I'm just giving you another resource and..........wait for it............They have a 10% Teacher Discount!!! BONUS!!

Here are yesterday's selections:

Everything you see here was only $1 each!!!
Each of these cost $1.99
From the Magic School Bus Chapter Book series - literally "half price" at $2.49
$2.49 and up, but I made each of these selection because I "needed" them for one reason or another.
This is a picture of $108.00 (only slightly over budget) well spent!!
A few disclaimers:  "Drink This, Not That" is for me and my friends (a steal at $1).  I will NOT be reading Edgar Allen Poe to my 2nd graders (You may breathe now.) -- that is for my 17-year old son, who is a Poe fan (another $1 steal).  The "Scrabble to Go" was did not have a price on it and didn't look to be in great condition, so they gave it to me for $1 - perfect because I just wanted the letter dice in there anyway :)  Oh, did I even mention that Half Price Books has games, movies, puzzles, magazines, & much more??  Also, a couple of these books are gifts, so there is my justification for going over budget...

You may notice many of my selections are non-fiction.  One day of my training this week was devoted to non-fiction, it's importance and some strategies.  I will definitely be writing a separate post on non-fiction in the next week or so.

For now, my handsome son has agreed to help me put together my new bookshelves so I can get my 2nd grade classroom library set up.  I really must go take some of this clutter these school treasures to my classroom and get busy.  I would love to hear if anyone else is a Half Price Books junky. :)

Happy, Happy Friday!!! 

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