Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who Inspired Me Lately? Hal Bowman of "Teach Like a ROCKSTAR"!!

I attended the most AMAZING, REWARDING, ENCOURAGING, TOUCHING, INSPIRING workshop yesterday, in Houston Texas.  "Teach Like a Rock Star" is taught by Hal Bowman, a ROCK STAR teacher.

I laughed, I cried, and I laughed some more!!!  Hal is a master storyteller, comedian, and teacher.  The time flew by, as I was given inspiration and practical, usable techniques to connect with students.  This workshop validated all my current beliefs about building community in your classroom, and connecting with each student every day.  It also confirmed that our jobs are far more significant than most realize -- we influence and impact so many lives through our daily interactions!  We are teaching not only content, but character :)

One thing Hal taught us to always remember:  "ALL students actions, behaviors & performances are 1% logical and 99% EMOTIONAL." WOW!   They must associate school with positive emotional states, which comes from...YOU!

My #1 Take Away from the day:  Teach students based on their POTENTIAL, not their performance!
(I knew this, but this reminder will be posted on my desk, and read daily as a reminder.)

I will be a Classroom LEADER this year, thanks to Hal Bowman! :)

Teach Like a Rock Star! (Link) DO IT!!!


  1. I love it! You summarized the workshop perfectly!

  2. Hi Beth! I love the statement: "Teach students based on their POTENTIAL, not their performance!" That should be posted on every educator's desk as a daily reminder!!

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  4. I am now a follower! I am 4th grade teacher also.