Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Writer's Notebook

Check out the following website:   WritingFix 

This website inspires me, and gives me valuable information and tools for teaching my students to be better writers.  Yippee!! I have my students make Writer's Notebooks each year and most of them really prize them and enjoy writing in them.  Of course I made my own Writer's Notebook to show as an example, and I occasionally wrote in it when the students wrote for modeling, but to tell the truth, my notebook hasn't been used that much...

So, this summer I bought my self an "at home" notebook to use and am challenging myself to write in it all summer, like a real writer should.  I am hoping that sharing this with my students next year will be powerful -- I mean I have chosen to WRITE during my SUMMER VACATION - lol.  I am working to keep all perfection out of my notebook, and just having fun with it.

I am also reading: "A Writer's Notebook" by Ralph Fletcher

and:   "Live Writing" also by Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher gives so many tips on how to implement a Writer's Notebook and teach students to become better writers -- YEA!!  Enjoy the summer and READ A BOOK to sharpen your teaching skills for the upcoming years and motivate you in whatever way you need :)

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