Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank Goodness for the Help of Loved Ones!

When it comes to my classroom, I prefer to "putter."  I like to take little bits of time to get my classroom together and fortunately I am allowed in the building over the summer -- though heat can be a problem, depending on if the air is on.  I was also fortunate because our wonderful custodians cleaned the 4th grade rooms and carpets first. :)  So, I have been to my classroom several times over the summer to move furniture into its place, put up new borders on bulletin boards, do a little laminating, etc.  My husband and my teammate's husband even spent time in there doing the heavy lifting, hanging fishing line from the ceiling, etc.

My sister and great-niece are visiting this week and we pretty much had a "family afternoon" at the school - lol.  My sister helped organize my bulletin board letters, my niece helped organized some of my junk supplies, my husband and son hung stars from the ceiling and helped move heavy boxes or books from place to place, and my sweet daughter got my classroom library unboxed, organized, and on the bookshelves (this has been her job all 7 years of my teaching). 

So while my classroom is far from "finished," I wanted to share a few photos showing progress and giving a "shout out" to my wonderful family, who always pitches in to help.  I couldn't do it without them!
My sister, Annette, and my husband, Trey, hanging stars.
My sweet niece organizing that mess.  (Forgot the after picture :/)
My darling daughter trying to organize the library.
We need a few more baskets and I will label, but YEA!
Really, he DID work, but my son is taking a reading break :)
Job Board and Family Board are done!
Many more hours to spend, much more to do, but progress is taking place and we had a few laughs along the way.  Thank you to my amazing family!!


  1. Your classroom looks great! It is so nice to have help and support! So, do you have any writing ideas you begin the year with?

  2. Love it!!! Your room is going to look FABULOUS!

  3. Thanks, Debbie :)

    Erica, I have LOTS of great writing ideas - too many probably - lol Check out my previous post about the Bio Poem. Do you have your students keep Writer's Notebooks? Having them decorate them and use them is an AWESOME beginning of the year activity. I will be blogging about this and other writing ideas in the next few weeks. Thanks for your comments, ladies.

    =) Beth

  4. Wow! What a wonderful family! My husband is sooooo corporate he keeps asking why the "porters" or the "building people" don't do all that lifting, hanging, posting. I could also take the picture of your son and post it on my blog because that is EXACTLY how my son looks when he comes to help. He helps...but only with exact instruction!! LOL!
    The Write Handed Teacher