Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My newest inspiration -- Christie at "Grace is Overrated"

I am certain I don't agree that "grace is overrated," but since I'm also certain I have no real clue what is behind the blog name, I will simply advise you to GO THERE!

grace is overrated

I happened upon Christie's blog via Pinterest -- sorry, but I cannot remember who I "repinned" - lol.  I instantly became inspired and excited.  Next, my printer got a small workout (larger workout to follow soon).  As I shared in my first Inspired Writing Teacher blog post, I am working on a Writer's Notebook this summer, to get myself into the habit of "living like a writer," just as I will ask my students to do.  Christie's journal prompt pages are PERFECT to cut out and glue into my Writer's Notebook!  They are all so cute, clever, and thought-provoking!  She includes questions, quotes, challenges, lists, and opportunities to doodle :)  She has produced for us more than 40 pages and offers them in 3 options:  no border, with border, and with color border.  For those of us who like to color, the "border" pages give us that opportunity!!!  BONUS!!! 

I am excited to let you know about this blog, but beg you to use these adorable resources respectfully for your own writing purposes.  Please do not copy and distribute them or take them "as your own" (see her copyright statement on the page).  I can tell she has put much work, thought, and creativity into them.  Thank you, Christie for sharing your talents with us!!  I have been inspired to WRITE! =)

Take this little gift everyone, and get out there and WRITE with me!!!


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  1. Hi Beth,
    Thanks so much for writing so beautifully about my journal pages. I'm delighted that you're enjoying them and thrilled that you recommended them to your readers!

    As for the name of the blog, I do cringe every now and then when I consider its implications. When I named the blog, on a whim I'm afraid, I was thinking about the not-tripping-over-your-own-feet type of grace. I was self-conscious about posting my creative thoughts and the name gave me a bit of courage to move forward. (As in, don't worry about awkwardness, just keep posting.) I should probably explain that somewhere on the blog. :)

    In any event, I look forward to following your summer writing journey! Thanks again for your very kind words.

    Best wishes,