Sunday, November 13, 2011

Long Time No Blog!!

Good Sunday evening everyone, from your long-lost Inspired Writing Teacher...
If I began to describe all that has kept me busy since my last post, part of it you would not believe, and part of it you would say, "Yeah, ME TOO!!!"  Anyway, I will not be promising you more regular posts, because that is simply not a promise I feel I will be able to fulfill this school year.  However, I am here now and will continue to check in as often as I can for sure.  I already look forward to next summer, when I can become a "regular" blogger again :)

WOW!!  What a busy, busy school year!  Our school district has gone through some pretty serious changes this year, due to new state testing in Texas, a new superintendent, etc....  Many changes are good, and many are unnecessary in my opinion, but that's probably why I'm not in charge around here :)  I am exhausted at the end of each day like never before.  I am getting in some good lessons, but my organization has turned into a mess... :/ 

I have a few pics to share of "Crazy Hair Day" (during Red Ribbon Week) and our recent "Funeral for Dead Words."  The kiddos really got into it!!  They have become BIG ENORMOUS ("big" was sadly "put to rest") thesaurus fans lately! :)

Writing in our Writer's Notebooks on "Crazy Hair Day"
They've got their rubrics handy :)
"Crazy Hair Day" Author's Chair Sharing

Many overused words "died" and had to be "Put to Rest".
We pulled out Roget's and other word class word books to find synonyms.
Each student had a different colored pen to document participation.
It was a sad day.  These "coffins" held the overused words.
We held a funeral procession around the school.

We made a giant circle outside, where a teacher read a "eulogy."
Many students paid their "respects" with flowers.
A time to say good-bye...
Our TEAM, most students, and many other staff members, wore black!
Best part - it was a surprise on HALLOWEEN!!!  It was a ton of fun and a day our students will not soon forget!  Their word choice is better for sure! 

I will come back another day and share a copy of the "eulogy" we used.  It is on another computer.

I hope you all are having a wonderful autumn thus far.  I am grateful for finding this wonderful blogging community with so much support!  Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Writing!!!

=) Beth

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