Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

2012 Action Plan
Happy 2012 to my blogging "family." 

I must admit 2011 turned out to have some unbelievable challenges for me, my family, and my fellow teachers.  A new superintendent, along with more budget cuts to education, have made our jobs overtake our lives!  Well, I have worked, and worked, and worked, and...well, you get it.  I worked so hard I had little time for some of the other important parts of life.  I had become so burned out and had nothing to give to anyone else. 

One of the lessons I am learning at my ripe old age is I have no other choice but to prioritize - not one of my strengths.  I became so engulfed in my passion for teaching students (while following all of the rules that come along with that) that every other part of my life took a back seat.  I have become unhealthy physically and mentally and am going to find my way in 2012 to a balanced life. 

I am one who goes "all out" when I get something into my head, and I won't lie - I am slightly scared that I will put so many pressures on myself for this "balance" and how it is "supposed to be" that I will end up becoming discouraged and give up.  This is where #1 up there on my list comes in.  God is #1.  No matter what "pops up," personally or professionally, I MUST go to God and look for His guidance. 

The 2nd item up there is "Write" and I am doing that right now.  I love the blogging community and have received "Freebies," ideas, and inspiration all over the place.  I have, therefore, not blogged out of guilt numerous days, actually months, because I don't have as much technology "know how" as many of you and it takes me so long to figure it all out on my own. 

This year, I will "write," since the definition of "blog" is:  : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site.  THAT I can do and should be doing, since a Writing Teacher should um, WRITE!  Therefore I will write in this blog, as I am inspired.  I may not offer as many "Freebies" as I would like in order to repay you all for the ones you provide to me, but I will learn and in time will become better at that.  I so enjoy sharing and believe we are better teachers when we do so. 

I realize the lack of freebies could cause me to have fewer "followers," but that is just how it will have to be.  Do we all really want followers who want nothing but free stuff?  Hmmm... I must take it slowly.  After all, the teaching is important.  For those of us also preparing students for high-stakes tests this Spring, things could get hectic at times - lol.

So, please know I am here to support each of you, and I am learning as I go.  I am committed to this blog, but will most likely do more "writing" than creating until summer rolls around again.  Ahhh, summer...what a wonderful thought!


  1. This is exactly what I was thinking about on my morning walk today. I just LOVE writing and sharing ideas but is my commodity valuable to my readers? I don't have AmAzInG worksheets with incredible graphics to give away, really, because I don't know how to make most of that cool stuff and, being a counselor, I don't really have a classroom of my own to create for.

    So I write about character-development stuff and share motivational, inspirational, make-ya-reflect stuff. It's what I know, and it's my passion.

    I'm with you, planning to do what I do best. I LOVE your list; thanks for your candid post! Happy 2012.


  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and for your thoughtful comment, Barbara!!

  3. I'm with you my passion for writing is what moved me to blogging in the beginning, but then you just get so "caught up" in the fun of it all, the freebies, the linkies, the followers, the giveaways oh my!I too am technology challenged and though I have these "freebie things" and units I'd like to post I just don't feel I measure up. So like you for now I'll be writing and reading, and learning...And I will always be a follower of yours.

  4. Great blog! I, too, am passionate about writing! I've only been blogging for a couple of months and you've got a lot of great ideas! Please stop by my and check it out! I'd love to share ideas with you!

  5. Hi there - I just found you and am your newest follower. I wish I could say my passion was teaching writing. I actually love writing but sometimes struggle in teaching it to firsties. I will have to check in with you often now that I've found you. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

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