Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slowly, But Surely My Classroom Takes Form...

As I continue to blog stalk hop, I am amazed at the creativity, energy, and SPEED with which you all put your rooms together!  There are so many beautiful classrooms in America being put together right now by dedicated teachers!  I just wish THAT kind of thing was what people thought about when they think of teachers -- dedicated teachers using their "time off" to create positive learning environments.  Let me be one who says, "I notice, I understand, I'm impressed, and THANK YOU!"

(This is me, stepping off my soap box now...)  Back to your "speed" -- I don't have that...  It seems to take me FOREVER to put a bulletin board together, much less my whole room - lol.  As usual, I have spent my summer "puttering" around town (and online), gathering supplies, dropping by the school to work in short bits (shorter because we don't have full "air" in the summer).  At least now I can say that some of my bulletin boards are up and ready to go and some of my "projects" are taking form.

My first few years of teaching were spent in Nebraska.  One of my team teachers, Mrs. Smith, had a section of her classroom wall with 20ish class pictures all hanging neatly and the title "Mrs. Smith's Reasons For Teaching."  I LOVED this and FINALLY have my own.  Mine are not as neatly placed, because they are not all the same size, but my husband (ladder helper) and I figured it out and I LOVE IT:
I have taught 6 years and the other frame is waiting for my current class.
Found these fun "frames" on sale at Michael's :)
Placed above our Helper Board and Family Board.
I've also gotten the "main idea" of my Student Writing board completed.  I'm sure this will need "tweeking" along the way, but it is presentable:  "Red Carpet Writing"

Placed above the Writing Center (not ready for photographing - lol)
I've updated my "Mrs. Cade Loves..." board - always a student favorite:

Here are just a few other parts of the room that are ready to go:

I'm going to try these for my daily materials this year.
We are departmentalized, so I color-code everything for my 3 classes:  Red is my color :)  This houses my birthday and celebration boxes (top rack), my baskets for turning in work (color coded, labeled baskets), and my tubs for "Friday Folders" and Materials to hand out (red bottom tubs, not yet labeled):

Finally, a "shout-out" to my beautiful, creative daughter who painted my teacher stool and author's chair (Love you, Sassy!):

More to come...Thanks again for all of your inspiration out there!  Happy Sunday!


  1. Love the classroom wall idea. I think I am about 8 years behind, but I guess it is never too late to start. I actually took 2 pictures this summer with students I taught during my first year who I ran into. I thought of posting it with what their currently doing now, for a little inspiration for the kids.

  2. Love that stool! I definitely want to do that to my classroom stool sometime soon!

  3. I love your Author sits here chair! Such a wonderful idea!!


  4. I spent about 5 hours in my classroom and I have the majority of my bulletin boards put up. That is it...

  5. Love your room!! Your boards are awesome. Totally LOVE the Mrs. Cade Loves....what a neat way for your students to find out some things about you!!! I might just have to "steal" that one:) You daughter did an amazing job on the stool and author's chair!! Love those too!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Your daughter did a great job! Love your little bulletin boards.
    Lessons Learned

  7. Thanks everyone! Tara, "steal" away - it's a fun BB to put it together!
    I read my daughter all of your comments on the stool and chair -- they brought HUGE GRINS =)


  8. Your room is looking quite creative! I love the bulletin board you decorated with your passions and the "Reasons for Teaching" wall. I have been working on my classroom for 6 days total already, and I am honestly not close yet because I went through EVERYTHING. Hopefully some of the last things will be purged tomorrow and Tuesday.

    I appreciate YOU, by the way, and think of awesome teachers in our nation who are caring to get their rooms together!


  9. Love the stool! I need to borrow the artist for a few days!

    Quench Your First

  10. Your bulletin board about what you love is an awesome idea!

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