Saturday, June 8, 2013

America Acrostic Poem

Hello Blog World and Happy Summer Break to one and all!

In the spirit of "planning ahead," I have posted a new, fun activity in my TPT store.

Our 2nd grade students enjoyed writing an A M E R I C A acrostic poem this year.
It was a perfect integrated activity during our Social Studies unit on American symbols and our Writing unit on Poetry.  I think it would be an excellent 4th of July activity for students at home and at school.  It can should also be "pinned" for later use, as it is perfect for Veteran's Day, President's Day, or Memorial Day. 

If you are using this in your classroom, remember to always allow time for pre-writing and MODEL based on age and ability level.  Since this was one of our students' first acrostic poems, I made sure to model on chart paper.

We started our lesson by talking with our table groups about words and phrases we think of when we think about America.  We shared whole group, and I recorded their ideas on the whiteboard.  Finally, we did a Shared Writing - I recorded our poem on chart paper for students to refer to while they write.  The bubble-type letters and adorable clip art (found at were perfect for students to color and "make it their own."

 You are a click away from patriotic FUN!  Print a few out, grab a slice of watermelon or a popsicle, and your kids won't even know they are practicing WRITING! :)

Click here:  
America Acrostic Poem

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