Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Lucky 2013!

Happy 2013 Bloggers/Blog-hoppers!

I have spent the morning thinking about the coming year.  It promises to be a year of many, many changes for me and my family.  I am really trying to embrace it all, but I know the days ahead will be filled with blessings and trials, joy and sadness.  The good news is...with age and experience comes the wisdom that God is in control and He will be with me for each moment.  He will provide me with blessings I cannot even imagine!  What a wonderful feeling!

In 2013:

*Our oldest will graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in French -- WHOOP!
*Our youngest will graduate from high school and become a Baylor Bear!
*My husband and I will become "empty-nesters" - I am SO glad I love him!! HaHa!
*We will sell our home of 7 years and take with us many memories.
*We will find a new home and begin making memories there.
*We will have to leave behind our church and find a new one.
*I will have a job change -- pretty nervous about this one. :/
*We will grow as Christians, as we always do.
*I will lose this excess weight I have packed on and become a healthier me again!
*I will continue to work toward balance in my life and make blogging a bigger priority, because I believe a Writing teacher should WRITE!

The loss of my Daddy last year really put a stop to all the "extras" in my life, and I had to focus on making it through the sad/sometimes stressful days.  I am so grateful to know he is with Jesus, but I will never stop missing him.

Now I have two blogs.  One I just started last week with my sister - in honor of our father, because he loved to see his children happy.  I hope you will take a look at it and share it if you like what you see.  It will not be just another "cooking blog," but is intended to give you a dose of love and laughter as well.

Check us out HERE:   Every Day's a Pajama Party

My sister and I - trying to take pictures for our blog = JOY!

I decided to take some time to reflect on last year's "resolutions" or goals.  I did pretty well with some of them, but still need to work on the ever-illusive "BALANCE" that is not so easy to achieve.  My desire is to live for God's purpose in my life and make my life reflect that.  To show others LOVE above all elese.

I challenge each of you to spend some time this week not only thinking about your goals/resolutions for 2013, but WRITING them down, printing them out, and posting them so you can see them on a daily basis.  I intend to post a copy at home and at work.  I know many of you will have your students do this in some form or another, and I think it would be wonderful for you to share your goals with them.  We all know how important modeling is!

Here is a copy of my 2013 goals. 

Blessings to you all!

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